Hamilton Filmalter tonight with Firestarters


Dear Fellow Laborers in the Harvest,

Hamilton and Helena Filmalter are ministering this Sunday with Fire Starters of Pastor Brandon Johnson inSanta Cruz.

TOPIC:  Connecting the Prophetic Word with Action in the Harvest

Sunday, April 1

Time: 5:00 pm

Venue: Steve and Suki Carlton’s House,330 Lee Street,Santa Cruz,CA95060

Contact Person:  Brandon Johnson (408) 425 8902.  johnsonbrandon@mac.com

Hamilton’s website: http://www.activeintheharvest.com/about.php

From Hamilton:

In recent years there has been a strong prophetic voice concerning a great harvest of souls coming into the Kingdom in America.  We have been waiting for this harvest to come to us, yet very little has happened.  We believe that it is time for action in the harvest, overcoming the obstacles that have kept us isolated and ineffective.

Since 2004, we have been touched by harvest in Pakistan.  Such a rapid advance was taking place that new structures had to be created for the fresh harvest.  During this time, the Lord spoke to us about the ‘man of peace’ concept in Luke 10.  The man of peace is not yet saved, but is open to receive you and your message.  Jesus said we must establish the Kingdom in his house, though salvation and discipleship among his cluster of family and friends.   All over Asia the Kingdom is advancing in this way.

In America there is a generation who needs salvation desperately, but they are not coming to our meetings.  Jesus said we must go to them.  This training is about finding the ‘man of peace’ among the lost, and working from his house among his ‘soon-to-be-saved’ friends.  We call these Harvest Houses.  It is a new way to gather in the harvest.

To do this we need to sharpen the sickle.  Currently most ‘equipping of the saints’ is about how to minister mostly to fellow believers in the corporate meeting, especially though healing and prophetic ministry.  Our meetings are anointed, but we need to add to these skills to advance in the harvest.  We need to be trained in the skills that the lost need most:

1.        How to handle the gospel.  For salvation, a compelling presentation of the Gospel is needed along with the signs and wonders.

2.       Being effective in ministering the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

3.       Releasing believer’s baptism in water into the hands of the people and into the harvest.

4.       How to disciple new believers through simple Bible study.

Come and hear how you can be equipped to become effective in the harvest!

Please get the word out by phone, text, email, Facebook and word of mouth.  We will also lay hands on and minister to everyone who needs prayer.  Bring the sick and those needing the baptism with the Holy Spirit.  We are looking forward to seeing you there.

With joy in His harvest,

Hamilton and Helena Filmalter

River of Life Ministries






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