How to Hear the Voice of God: Week 3

Coome join us for week two of a new series @ HIlltop. “How to Hear the Voice of God”. Modeled after Mark Virkler’s teaching.

The Bible tells us to walk in the Spirit, but if we don’t hear or recognize His voice, how can we do it? One of the biggest reasons Jesus died on the cross for us, was to be able to go boldly before our Heavenly Father and have an intimate relationship with Him – face to face.  But how can we do that if we are not recognizing His voice among all the other voices we are hearing?

God speaks to us every day in many ways and longs to have that intimacy with us in deeper ways.  So, come join us on Tuesday to start a journey of deeper relationship through comminicating face to face with God. Should be a lot of fun!


Ken & Shaunna

Note: Please invite a friend or someone you know who needs to hear and feel God’s love for them or just needs prayer!

Note Two: We are having a small celebration to Lift up Brittany (Leslie’s daughter) – soon to be mother to a healthy boy!

One thought on “How to Hear the Voice of God: Week 3

  • Last night was incredible. I felt the Holy Spirit so powerfully last night as always, but it was much more intimate and personal. The words I received from Him overwhelmed me last night as I felt his love and assurance that all would be well. Thanks Ken and Shauna for blessing my life each and every week.

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