How To Hear The Voice of God Week 4

We will be talking about the different ways to still yourself to be in a position to hear from God.  It says in Psalms 46:10 – Be still and know that I am God. But sometimes with all the distractions and busy-ness in our lives, it is hard to get there.

In case you didn’t get our email with the questions to jounal….

1) Write a love letter to Jesus.

Write out the reasons why you love Jesus in the first paragraph. After only one paragraph, let Jesus respond back to you. Let this be A two way journal time.


2) Is there anything you would like to say about: my spouse, son or daughter, family member, friend, etc.?

For more details on The Four keys to hearing God’s voice – check out this link  Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice  (on Mark Virlker’s website).

Be Blessed!

Ken and Shaunna


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