Special Guest Tomorrow Night

Hilltop Sept. 4th: 

HI all! Special guest – Pastor Ryan Pryor from Collide Church in Scotts Valley will be speaking tomorrow night.

As a  former youth pastor from vineyard and currently a High School teacher, he is a charismatic young gifted pastor walking in the Spirit. He is also bringing his worship leader Caleb as well – hope you can make it –  it should be a lot of fun!!

Reminder – this week the Santa Cruz School of the Supernatural is starting. If you’re still interested, go to www.iamsupernatural.org


Hope you can join us!


Ken and Shaunna

Thank you for all who have and continue to contribute to Hilltop with donations, time and volunteer work! We can’t do it without you

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    […] Special Guest Tomorrow Night.  For my perspective, Pastor Ryan and Collide have/are shifting in the Spirit. I thick it was great of Hilltop ministries to recognize and honor Pastor Ryan the way they did. It is part of drawing another stream into the ‘river’ of the Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I am sure that it was a tremendous encouragement to him seeing folks that are really hungry for the things of God, not ‘religious giants’ as he may have though, but of people coming together, expecting and encountering the ‘Kingdom’. […]

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