Hilltop Tues. Nov. 6 “Spiritual Warfare”

Spiritual Warfare – recognizing and dealing with it God’s way!

Sometimes we deal with things in our lives that are consequences we bring on ourselves, sometimes because we are believing a lie and sometimes it’s just the enemy trying to steal, kill or destroy something of ours that isn’t his. Jesus said to speak to the mountain and tell it to move – but are we really recognizing what the mountain is?

Join us this Tues, Nov. 6th and bring your Bibles and journals – always expect to get fresh revelation from God!

Two upcoming events to check out:

♦  Heaven on Earth intercession Seminar –  Friday and Saturday, November  9th & 10th

♦  Healing Encounter – Saturday, Nov. 17th.

For more information on either event, click here or go to our ‘Local Events’ page

Hope to see you there!

Many blessings to you this week!

Ken & Shaunna Cornell

Thank you for all who have and continue to contribute to Hilltop with donations, time and volunteer work. We can’t do it without you

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