Jan. 1st 2013 – Blessings for 2013!

2013 new year

Reminder – there is no Hilltop group tonight!

We will be meeting again as usual next week on Jan. 8th.

New series starting on Tues., Jan 15th – ‘Prayers that Heal the Heart’ – modeled from Mark Virkler’s book.

Did you know that ‘heart’ is mentioned 800 times in the Bible, but it Is never referred to as the physical organ that pumps the blood?

The Strong’s definition from the original language for heart is: heart, mind, character, inner self, will, intention and center.

In proverbs it says to diligently guard your heart because out of it flows the springs of life.

Jesus tells us in Matthew that what we say, comes from our heart.  Jesus also tells us that understanding, faith and belief comes from your heart…… so many things are connected to our hearts including hurts and wounds.

So as it says in the definition, our will, inner self  and character are all from our heart.  When there have been hurts, wounds or lies, it will come out in our character, emotions, belief system, etc., the very center of our Identity!

This course is designed to actively go through specific prayers that will heal areas of our heart that have been damaged or wounded– one issue at a time.

This course will also be more than just a teaching.  After each session, we will break up into small groups to Put into practice what was just taught.   That way, you get hands on practice and personal healing.

We also want to empower you to be able to pray with others, teach others or just Continue on yourself!

This will be fun and I hope you can join us!

Hope to see you on Jan 8th!


Ken & Shaunna

Thank you for all who have and continue to contribute to Hilltop with donations, time and volunteer work. We can’t do it without you

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