Jan. 22 – A Healed Heart Step One

click here for information on Benny Hinn (Jan. 25), Katie Souza (Jan. 25 & 26) and upcoming Sozo Training (Feb.1 & 2)

**Don’t forget – Steve Trullinger of Father’s Touch Ministry will be at Hilltop on Tues., Feb. 5th!

Slides of what we taught:  Prayers That Heal the Heart_session 1
Worksheet for steps 1 & 2:  Prayers to Heal the Heart_step 1 and 2  *(print out and bring to Hilltop)
My Heart Worksheet  *(print out and bring to Hilltop)
My Heart instructions – instructions to help you find your heart issue
 My Heart worksheet (an example)

 “Prayers that Heal the Heart” continues tomorrow night.  Bring your heart issue, Bible, journal and pen as we will be going through the first two prayers. If you don’t have your heart issue yet, the above handouts are helpful.

Mark your calendars! Steve Trullinger of Father’s Touch Ministry, is coming back to Santa Cruz Tues. Feb. 5th!  

Steve, a former UCLA physics professor, walks in amazing faith and has seen amazing miracles including seeing an eye form in an empty socket. It will definitely be a lot of fun!  If you want to see what he’s all about, check out his website at: http://www.fatherstouch.org/  or listen to his testimony on Youtube at:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js5hLrQdaHA

Blessings and hope to see you!

Ken & Shaunna

Thank you for all who have and continue to contribute to Hilltop with donations, time and volunteer work. We can’t do it without you

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