Prayers to Heal the Heart – Activation

Ken & I are glad to be back!    This coming Tues. (April 9th) we will be continuing the ‘7 prayers to heal the heart’.

As you know, we all have areas in our life that we struggle with and there are times that Jesus will heal them in an instance or that we can pray general prayers to get freedom and they all work!  But sometimes those things still linger like,  rejection,  anger or insecurity.  There are some strongholds in our life that need more specific attention and this is what the “prayers to heal the heart” is all about.   Remember, the prayers are just models and not a substitute for hearing from Holy Spirit, Jesus or Father God!

 That being said,  now that we have touched on the basics of what the prayers are all about, we’d like to move to the practical and hands on by modeling and praying for each other. We will let Holy Spirit guide us on the flow!

Before you come, please print and fill out this worksheet:  Models_prayers to heal the heart.   If you can’t, we will have extra copies.

Many Blessings!!
Ken & Shaunna
Thank you for all who have and continue to contribute to Hilltop with donations, time and volunteer work. We can’t do it without you!

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