Testimony – Answered Prayer!

Can I brag on God a little?? He is so amazing!!  Tuesday, we received a prayer request – haven’t even had time to get it up on the website!

This was the prayer request:

I have a friend in intensive care at Valley Medical in San Jose, Gary Kral, he was in a car accident was awake and talking a couple of weeks ago, but now has not woke up and on life support, his family is planning on disconnecting him from life support and I am requesting prayer and healing for him. I would appreciate your prayers! Donna M

Today (Thurs.), I received this email:

Thank you so much for you and the groups prayers.  I know how powerful it
is.  I just heard that Gary woke up from being on life support!  I know it
has been touch and go with him so yes please post it on your Facebook
prayer group as well. Love and blessings! Dona

What can I say, but Thank You Jesus! – and thankyou for everyone who prayed in agreement!  Our God loves us so much and this is just another way he shows it!

Ken & Shaunna

Urgent Prayer Request For Don Greer Oct. 1 2012

Don Greer from Hilltop….

Just found out that Don was in a car accident leaving the encounter room tonight and was taken by helicopter to San Jose. We don’t know the details, but please pray for the release of life in abundance over Don – angels on assignment over him and all that concerns him, his family and the medical team that is taking care of him. Father, we break the power  of  all trauma from this accident off Don in the name of Jesus! Wash him with your healing blood and replace all trauma with Your life!

As we get details, we’ll let you know.


Ken & Shaunna


Just got an update on Don – not a lot of detail, but this is what I do understand. Nothing broken – Yay God! I understand he has a pretty good cut on his eye – if he can walk in an hour, he will go home.

Thank you for all the prayers!! Father, full restoration of his eye – in Jesus name!