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December/Jan 2014/15 Mission Trip to Mexico with Robin Sukow:

Amazing healings & encounters – Robin will be giving us details soon!

June 6th – 12th 2013 – Missions Trip to Mexico with Robin Sukow

OK; I finally set the dates for June 6th (Thur) thru June 12th (Wed). We will work on a general agenda and let you all know. It would be nice to hear back if any of you or your members will be making the trip with us. So please put the word out if you would. I think we can do it for $250.00 per adult.

Friday night we should be able to minister at the main drug rehab. Saturday we would have a fiesta. If that happens to coincide with graduations, we will celebrate with them for that. The other days will fill in as we see whom of you will be coming along.

Dr. Israel (local dentist) continues to donate his time and supplies as he can. We need to support him and his effort. He out of numbing agent, filling material and other miscellaneous supplies. If any of your dentist out there can donate such items great. We will take cash donations and see that these item are purchased there in Tecate.

Blessings to you all. If any of you would like to plan a short-term trip at another time of year, that can be arrange. The outreach look can be set up to fit your ministry.  thanks rs <><

Email Robin at:  paradigmbuilders@yahoo.com


from the Aug 16 – 19th 2012 –  Short Missions Trip to Mexico with Robin Sukow:

Bless the Lord oh my soul…………….We got the Dental Clinic (Lighthouse) open…..yeah God..a couple of pictures are included. More will be available later if any of you are interested.

Dr. B. McGraw of Scotts Valley arrived with a team on Saturday morning, got set up and started in. They were joined by a local dentist that had hear we were starting the ministry. As there are 2 chairs, over the two days of service they saw about 60 people. Not all needed work, but most did. They filled cavities, pulled abscessed teeth, and even built a bridge for one of the music leaders. We were concerned about our translators mouth, so we had him worked on as well.

The enemy of good things, not being happy, threw a few curves our way. We had a semi-major water leak that was flooding the clinic floor. The team was not deterred, the water was parted, the maintenance crew patched and mopped while the dentist kept on. We worked late into the night to be ready for the next day. The next day we had a smoking power wire at the roof connection. We had sediment in the water clog the dental tools. Fortunately Dr. Israel from Tecate, Mex. had a portable unit and was able to finish the day with that. The second chair was used by the hygienist.

We had an awesome time as each one of these potential set back only lead us to a better understanding of the operation and of a couple of changes needed.  Because of the irregular water pressure and sediment, we lost our two operating units. We decided to raise funds to purchase two fully portable units that will by pass all these little problematic scenarios.

Dr. Israel is making a commitment to minister there once a month. Dr. McGraw will be returning as well. As before my hope is to get other professional partnering with this free-clinic, patient outreach.

Thank you for your prayers and support. rs <><


Email: paradigmbuilders@yahoo.com or by phone: 831-251-0099



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