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♦  Received November 8th – From the Cheek Family

I am getting ready to leave to go over to be with Sean and Julie and their family. Julie is 4 ½ months pregnant.  Yesterday the doctor found at her exam, that the baby had no heartbeat and seems to have stopped growing.   We are praying for a miracle.  If you could send this out for prayer support, I would very much appreciate it.  But please ask that nobody contact them at this time, because the children don’t know yet and we are all just trying our best to just be there and love each other and bow to God’s will.

 Thank You!
Abiding In Christ’s Love!

Father, in the name of  Your son, Jesus, release life into this situation, over the baby, Julie and whole family! Father, send angels to release hope and shore up their foundation that they can stand firm in this moment knowing Your peace and love for them. We call off & break the power of all assignments & spirits of death over the baby and in everything that concerns this family! Holy Spirit breath life from Heaven and bring back to order all! In Jesus name!


  • 9-17-2012: From Gail N.

I have  a prayer request–my mom needs the swelling in her trachea to go completely so her airway is open and breathing to be strong so oral tube and vent can be removed. Many thanks, Gail

 Gail, we stand in agreement with you and Father we thank you that you hear us and intercede for us! So we stand in agreement that all swelling go and air passages to be open. Strengthen her breathing, lung and oxygen capacities. In Jesus name!

  • 9-11-2012: From Shawn H.

My mother is finally seeing a little increase in her platelets, after 4 long months of chemo. Appreciate any prayers for her at this time.  Shawn

Thank you Father that you are our provision, our portion our healer and our strength! We speak to Shawn’s mother’s body to increase the platelets. Whatever is causing them to be down, we curse it in the name of Jesus and command that all functions of the body return to normal. I also ask that angels be released over her for strength. Holy Spirit, I ask that she have an encounter with Jesus. Thank you Father


  • Please continue to hold my mother, Sharon, in prayer – she has been undergoing treatment for lung cancer for the last year +. She has had many side effects, loss of energy, weight  and at times hope. Father, I continue to declare that all cancer must bow to the name of Jesus! Holy Spirit, release life into every cell of her body, bring strength, hope and increased appetite.  Balance and bring to normal every function of her body – In Jesus name!
  • Please hold up Leslie & her daughter’s  family  (Brittany, Liam & Jeremy) for health and healing for Liam and Brittany’s back, financial aid, peace within the family unit.  Jesus we ask that You be the center of this situation and we lift it all to you! Release peace and love into their situation and remove all hindrances to the manifestation of Your blessings! I also ask that you release Angels to minister to all of them and release Heaven over them and the atmosphere wherever they are. In Jesus name!
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Thank you once again for all your prayers over the last seven months for Ricky Dahill! He has recovered beautifully. He is back at work at Leland’s Automotive Refinishing (his dad’s shop) and he started driving again a few weeks ago. His arms are not 100% yet – more prayer needed.

There will be a fund raising event to help with unpaid medical bills, etc. this weekend held at Malone’s on Scotts Valley Drive – Sunday, July 22, 2:00 – 7:00PM

They are really in need of volunteers to help with set-up, all the activities and clean up. If you feel led to help just show up at Malone’s at 10:00AM. This is a great opportunity for under cover outreach!

If you can’t help come on by, support the event and shift the atmosphere;-)

Many Blessings, Trudi



Hi amazing intercessors, this is Sarah & Stacy. Yesterday our sister Hannah got a doctor’s call with some test results & she has been diagnosed with thyroid  cancer. Hannah is handling it well, thankful that it is the most treatable cancer there is (provided it has not spread–she has swollen lymph nodes). However, please join us in praying for a miraculous healing so that she will not have to have her thyroid removed & pray for no other cancer in her body. Your prayers & support mean a lot to us. We’re so thankful to have so many faith-filled friends!



Our son’s teacher’s cousin – Linnea Lomax (I think 19 yrs old) has been missing for two weeks. please pray that she is found healthy and soon!


(7-9-2012) – see below:

My best friend Grace Mayorga-Paget has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She goes on July 13, 2012 for her second opinion. She is schedule for surgery on July 20, 2012. She is 38 years old and has a little girl who just turned 3 years old. Please pray for her and her husband and child during this time. According to the doctors, they have caught the cancer in the earliest stage. Until the surgery, they won’t know if the cancer has spread. Her doctors have told her that she has a 95% survival rate.


Gloria Lopez

We declare that the blood and Name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit are more powerful than cancer and that they both cannot exist together! Jesus, wash Grace with your blood and cleanse her of all cancer. All cells become normal as it is in Heaven and Jesus erase the memories of those cells ever being abnormal! Replace her blood and DNA with Your blood and Your DNA in every place where it is lacking. Release peace over her and her family and place your hands on all the medical staff that she encounters. Release Angels of healing, love, peace and comfort 24/7. Jesus we thank you for Your Love – In Jesus Name!



Jeff Millwee was admitted to the hospital. He had an infection in the tube that enables him to have kidney dialysis at home. He now has to go through the hospital. Please lift him up in prayer for new kidneys and no infection!

Father, thank you for Jeff, He is such a light! We lift him up to you right now and come asking for a creative miracle  – we ask that new kidneys be released from the parts room in heaven and given to Jeff, And we ask that angels help! That new life be created in his body and all infection to leave right now! All discomfort to be gone and comfort to take its place. For lost time to be recreated and found! Thank you! In Jesus Name we pray!


(5-28-2012)  Julie would also like prayer for and to stand in agreement with her on:

Also, my parents’ elderly next door neighbor Vivian is battling cancer in her lungs, intestines, leg and lymph nodes.  She was spitting up blood today and unable to have anyone come see/pray with her.  Please send out an urgent request on her behalf, for all the cancer cells to die and leave her body, and for her to receive God’s peace and salvation!  This is an EASY healing for our JESUS!!!


Update on Julie’s Dad…..

 I finally connected with my dad today and he said that he’s had no more headaches!  Thank You, Jesus!  He is waiting for test results back from some blood work he had done.  Please pray for only good things to come from the results!  Thank you to all my loving, prayerful friends!



Received  From Julie ‘Jewels’ May 18th:

Pls send out a request for prayer for my dad, who I just found out has been having a bad headache for a few days now.  He is seeing a doctor this afternoon.  Thanks so much.

Hi Julie!  In the name of Jesus, headache be gone, cause of headache be gone, divine order come into this situation  especially with all the veins & arteries & nerves. I release angels of peace and comfort to surround your dad & family & if there were any negative statements made over him regarding the headaches, I break them in the name of Jesus & release life instead!

Received May 1st:

1) Please keep in prayer Mary’s son. There is a kidney stone that is passing – pray that it passes quickly and without pain.

2) Please pray for a friend of Beatrice – Lorie,  She is launching a new business endeavor (hair salon) and would like prayers of covering: that a great godly environment woudl be created and that all hinderances that are blocking her Godly inheritance and blessings including prosperity be removed and broken.

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