Testimony – Answered Prayer!

Can I brag on God a little?? He is so amazing!!  Tuesday, we received a prayer request – haven’t even had time to get it up on the website!

This was the prayer request:

I have a friend in intensive care at Valley Medical in San Jose, Gary Kral, he was in a car accident was awake and talking a couple of weeks ago, but now has not woke up and on life support, his family is planning on disconnecting him from life support and I am requesting prayer and healing for him. I would appreciate your prayers! Donna M

Today (Thurs.), I received this email:

Thank you so much for you and the groups prayers.  I know how powerful it
is.  I just heard that Gary woke up from being on life support!  I know it
has been touch and go with him so yes please post it on your Facebook
prayer group as well. Love and blessings! Dona

What can I say, but Thank You Jesus! – and thankyou for everyone who prayed in agreement!  Our God loves us so much and this is just another way he shows it!

Ken & Shaunna