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Great testimony of freedom recorded at Hilltop on February 24th, 2015


Received 6-23-12

The night of June 13, 2012 – Not sure what time it was but it seemed like the middle of the night.  I was sound asleep when all of a sudden I saw Shaunna.  I saw myself prophesying over her – The word was “expanded heart! expanded heart!”  Than I saw all of Hilltop with an “expanded heart.”

Expand = to become greater in size, volume, quantity; enlarge.  Synonym=increase.

I understood the Lord to be saying the hearts being expanded with His love.  An increase of His love.


Received 6-24-12

I am reviewing Keith’s notes on leading somebody to the Lord so I can
brush up on my biblical references.

I am meeting a woman in recovery tonight who wants to ask Jesus in her
heart. She was raised with Mason’s in her family, and has been
battling addiction and other problems all her life.

I have been witnessing to her over the last 45 days, and today she
attended church on her on accord. She started crying when I asked her
if she accepted Christ. She said she wants it do bad, and asked if we
could do it tonight.

Praise God!

Thanks to Hilltop for the courage to step out and share God’s love!


3/8/2012 – From Don & Rachel Greer:

We got our testimony posted to youtube from that interview last year with Ron Scadina & Karen Barton of Santa Cruz Revival!


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