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tree winter to spring
  Last week there was a shift in the atmosphere and people have been sharing testimonies of freedom and deliverance they received throughout room! Yes God!!!
As I was praying I saw a picture of a tree much like the one above that was in changing season. The tree I saw was going from a winter season into a spring season. The branches were beginning to thaw out. The water that had been ice, was melting and dripping off onto the ground. The water soaked into the ground and down to the roots of the tree. The roots soaked up the water and I could see veins in the trunk of the tree where the water was flowing up and into every branch of the tree, as buds began forming. I began to feel the excitement rise inside of me when the buds opened up and bloomed beautiful pink flowers. I had such an expectancy that the fruit was being formed and the harvest was coming!
Once the encounter ended I heard God say, ” Hilltop is shifting from winter into spring.” The winter season was a beautiful season because it allowed for rest as the moisture was gathered together that would water the tree. The moisture represents the Holy Spirit. He has been gathering together people and things of the spirit in this time. The time of gathering is done and the season of rest is coming to an end. The season of springing forward is beginning. The roots of the tree are being watered allowing for budding! 
Rochelle G.

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Great Testimony of Freedom recorded on 2-24-15. click here to listen.
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  • Leslie

    I can not wait to meet this woman. It has touched my heart to watch this. Given me a new hope. Thanks for posting this today. I feel so connected to God more than before. I have always known my angel was there. I also know that I have witnessed others, and in my visions, I see glimpses of Heaven.

  • rich page

    want to give a love offering thru my charitable trust, Can you provide me with address, phone no, zip, email, contact person

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