Hilltop is a kingdom expression of authentic love, acceptance and encounter.
Our Mission is to create a community of belonging – facilitating a move of God and incubating ministry through equipping, empowering and activation. 
• The Love & Holiness of the Father
• The Person & Work of Jesus Christ
• The Presence & Power of the Holy Spirit
• The Living Word of God (The Rhema & Logos)
• Spiritual Liberation & Freedom
• Charismatic Supernatural Living
• Prophecy, Prayer & Intercession
• Power Evangelism

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Stephen Beauchamp
Henry and Grace Falany
Roc Bottomly
Prophet Rob Sanchez
David Diga Hernandez

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  • Leslie

    I can not wait to meet this woman. It has touched my heart to watch this. Given me a new hope. Thanks for posting this today. I feel so connected to God more than before. I have always known my angel was there. I also know that I have witnessed others, and in my visions, I see glimpses of Heaven.

  • rich page

    want to give a love offering thru my charitable trust, Can you provide me with address, phone no, zip, email, contact person

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